This is the closest I got to William Wordsworth

Monday, April 24, 2006

No Reason...Just Rhyme

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‘Abhishek’ means to be as a king anointed,
But I’d rather have myself as your slave appointed.
To hold the post there are many, I’m sure, who are more merited,
And surely you’ll find them if you properly hunted.
But the fact that there aren’t any who can have my love outlasted,
Will, to me, probably only then be credited,
When you have in that direction sufficiently probated.

I’d love it if you told me that, by you I was hated,
Because you see, love and hate are two components of which the heart is constituted.
So if through hate I have myself into your heart admitted,
Then it would be the second best way to be by you complimented.
Although presently, I might in your hearts negative pole be situated,
Hopefully, like all electrons, I’ll have to your positive pole migrated.
My concept to many might sound perverted,
But the fact that lovers were insane was never disputed.

Payal, my letters to you might have as a joke started,
But somehow my joke into love has transmigrated.
I know not how this transformation was instituted,
But once it was done I was pretty disgusted,
At not having with you, in a more befitting way communicated.
Gradually remorse in my heart has coagulated,
When our school fest you had boycotted.
If I had told you that it had left me dejected,
Then I’m afraid that my true feelings would be grossly understated.
I didn’t realize my threats you could’ve digested,
Because I had never dreamed of having any sneezing scene enacted.
Then again I thank you for having my letter rejected,
For it was only then that I realized what I had for so long neglected.

Never before had I doubted,
That my scientific research papers (letters) were merely to fun restricted.
But now I knew that something deeper existed,
That forced me to be upon my pen and paper riveted.
I realize that what I did wouldn’t exactly have me knighted,
Cause there are better ways, I guess, to have one’s love depicted.
But since I had initially to letter writing resorted,
I had little option but to wait till our school terminated.
Because you see, school captainship left my intent incapacitated,
As a thousand eyebrows seem to be raised without us having a word transacted.
So all I could do was t have patiently waited,
For the opportunity to be with you better acquainted.
Although ABI gives a damn to what impression others of him have formulated,
I do regret at having a poor image before you projected.
Pyal, you might not be happy with the way I had you irritated,
But everyone has his own way of expressing his love which cannot be impersonated.
For instance if I had to have my love for you on paper and pen illustrated,
How I’d go about it is down below enlisted-

“Payal, have you Estella’s heart implanted?
How much longer will your heart be anti-ABI insulated.
Have all your doubts about me from your heart evacuated,
‘cause I intend to have you into my life halogenated.
My heart is as barren as Anupam Kher’s head, it’s upto you to have it irrigated.
Without you Payal I’m like H20 dehydrogenated.
The dehydrogenation has my sanity affected.
And can only be cured when we are in holy matrimony united.
But Payal for biology you should bever have opted,
For you are using its knowledge to have my heart dissected.
Why do you have to have this cruel policy adopted?
Like Einstein’s equations why can’t I be accepted.
But in anatomy if you bio students are so interested,
Then why don’t you have my heart minutely inspected?
Surely it is more interesting than to have a frog bisected?

As you know colour changes when KMnO4 is with FeSO4 titrated (I think!),
Likewise I’ll be much changed after you’re into my heart pipetted.
To gain your affection a parabolic path I might have implemented,
But if I had followed the straight line then you could’ve away from me catapulted.
Please Payal, have me into your life integrated,
Otherwise my hopeful heart will be into a million pieces differentiated.
Your love has me unbelievably intoxicated,
Unless something is done about it I’ll be soon asphyxiated.
Because every time I see you Payal, my eyes become dilated,
My tongue, like Scooby Doo’s, insists on being salivated.
My jaw drops down and needs to be resurrected,
And my ears are auto-catalytically superheated.
All this happens Payal, when fate, before me has you presented.

So you see Payal, this is how I have my feelings translated.
Although my words are with a good deal of nonsense sugarly coated,
And the basic matter is with avoidable matter consciously supplemented,
The truth is that I am incapable of having my feelings into words incorporated.
That is why to do the same I had to science reverted,
And at times even had my dialogues from hindi films directly lifted.
But all that I ever wanted to have solicited,
Was that I was towards you inexplicably attracted.
If, through my letters, a conscious effort to make a fool out of myself attempted,
It was with the hope of having a smile on your beautiful face imprinted.
If along with a smile I have on you embarrassment inflicted,
Honestly, cross my heart, it is deeply regretted.
Although the FACTS of our impending marriage was out of pure innocence motivated,
I do admit that at times it was rather annoyingly escalated.
But had I not on these bugging themes pivoted,
Like I explained earlier, how could I have to your negative pole emigrated?
I understand a year of this nonsense had your patience saturated,
But now I’ll leave you with a piece of information that’ll leave you hyper excited.
A saint sometime ago has infallibly predicted,
That the good lord has to me 80 years of mortality generously entrusted.
So Payal have all impatience regarding me from your heart eliminated,
‘cause in these 80 years my love for you will never be depleted.
Be rest assured that more nonsense out of me is surely expected,
Since that’s the way I have my feelings illuminated.

My adoration for you in my heart gradually collected,
Ever since the first day when you had my attention arrested.
Although my boycutt bombshell had never favorably assisted,
To win her though, I still persisted.
To deliver my letters to you, a few messengers of love I had delegated,
Whose knees shook with the fear of being legally prosecuted.
My convincing powers however, had their fears attenuated,
Although had I been in their shoes, I’d have in the opposite direction pollinated.
Even though in other matters my confidence can hardly be moderated,
Regarding you Payal, my brain becomes incapable of having my limbs coordinated.
That’s why every time you come before me, my friends detected,
A certain shade of red that my face manifested.
To speak to you, my con-science instructed,
But this was one branch of science to which I had not submitted.
The reason why I was being so conceited,
Was because of the perennial fear of having you away from me drifted.
If in doing so a great deal of cowardice I had exhibited,
It was only because I feared that away from me you could’ve accelerated.
Perhaps like Hamlet, ‘Pigeon Liver’ was what in my kidneys cemented,
But do remember what happened to Hamlet once Ophelia objected.
Her refusal left the poor chap completely disoriented.
So you see, in your denial my sanity and me could’ve in opposite directions departed,
And this might’ve been into your guilty conscience impregnated,
And who knows you could’ve even had suicide committed.
So thinking of you I desisted,
And like good old Hamlet, incessantly procrastinated.

Jokes apart, I’m really very sorry that I had you infuriated,
But what can I do if in bugging people I am divinely gifted.
Furthermore, since in the British Council Play I played the devil,what could be expected?
For in enacting the devil I had his devilish ways contracted.
But it’s never too late, so down on my knees I’ve repented,
And the devil inside me, out I’ve vomited.
But if you do not have me, with your fairy-like wings, into your heart encapsulated,
The devil is sure to have diabolically retaliated.
If you intend to punish me then have me electrocuted,
But even in the moment of my death, my love for you will not have deserted.

But I know that you’re no blood maniac, so what’ll you gain by having me executed?
Except of course ensuring that both f us are eternally related.
Because the murderer and the murdered are through the common crime connected.
So if you murdered me I’d be honored and exalted.
That’s why to kill me as my punishment is all that I have requested,
For my blood stains will be, like bangles on your wrist ornamented.
And hopefully after drawing my blood upon this conclusion you would’ve alighted,
That even by killing me my love for you cannot be from my heart evaporated.

There are lots of vices in me from which I’d like to have parted,
But none of my vices are so bad that it cannot be by you corrected.
Although my character is with plenty of dark spots intensely populated,
My little heart is from these harsh surroundings divinely protected.
With vices it is impossible to have it infested,
‘cause you have my heart tremendously activated,
this heart had your name into my blood stream radiated,
and since then in my veins, my love for you has pulsated.
So my love for you which is completely unadulterated,
Is engulfing all my vices and having them expatriated.

Although my slow moral rebirth you have unknowingly directed,
It can be speeded up a lot more if you consented.
So instead of having me from your mind eradicated,
Why can’t I have a little place in your heart allocated?
If at the moment it’s too much for me to have expostulated,
Then I’m prepared to any condition that you may have stipulated.
I’d rather see to it that you have my love properly tested,
Before having in my love’s seal your signature attested.
For I believe that you can love only a person that can be trusted,
So I’d love it, if you think twice (no more!) before having on me your confidence vested.

Then again my plea may be completely negated.
In which case I’m all set to wait the remaining sixty years that I’ve been allotted.
And probably only then can I have this through your neurons circulated,
That time cannot have my love for you modulated.
Time will tell! How often have we this saying confronted?
The truth of this statement will through our tale be punctuated.
My heart is not made of iron that it’ll become rusted,
By just thinking of you I can have it dusted.
Be assured that your denial will not have my love diluted,
‘cause it’ll require more than just that to have you from my mind deleted.

Your opinion of me now might, with misconceptions indented,
But since I earned them it’s no use to have protested.
But one day, I’ll have it from you iterated,
That my love on you was not altogether wasted.
Sure, it might be difficult to have your heart melted,
But I’m confident of being in your heart accommodated.
Although being cockily sure about anything is not what I have ever advocated,
The lines above has my belief in my love for you highlighted.
‘cause if my love is as true as I have speculated,
then your dislike or me will, to love be graduated.
Obviously, it’ll take some time, but I won’t be frustrated,
What’s a few years when 50 years of married life with you is by the good lord warranted.
In that time with you, I’d love to have interacted,
But what can be done about it, if you have your heart’s copyright protected.

In the meanwhile, you will be, I guess, just to my dreams be limited,
Where you have oft late so generously frequented.
But the time will come when my dreams to reality will be converted,
And hopefully then, my feelings, by you will be respected.

“Hrrmph” you might say, “there’s a fat chance I’ll let you have me courted.”
“I won’t let my heart be by you confiscated.”
But, O my Estella, no one till now has had the future immaculately predicted,
And not even the great Nostradamus is from this list exempted.
‘cause if it really went as he had so heartlessly insinuated,
then human life by now would’ve been unceremoniously terminated.
Which means that we could’ve to heaven by this time been transported
Where, in the first place, our match by God was created.

Our future, might hold lots of events which are completely unexpected,
But prophet ABIdamus through his word has our marriage validated.
So upon this eventuality have your mind rested.
I may become an engineer or a beggar, but I wont have my love abdicated,
‘cause in both cases, in declaring my love, I will be equally animated,
if at the moment, you intend to spend your days isolated,
Please do not think that my intent will, through this knowledge be wilted.
‘cause like a spider you’ve got me in your mesh benetted,
And I can now be free only after you have me personally acquitted.
So Payal, it’s upto you to have my unidirectional (towards you) life dictated,
So put me into your cradle and have me from my sufferings liberated.

You may wonder now what this poem actually purported,
Why stretch it like a chewing gum with so little to be reported.
My theory behind this can easily be accounted,
So to read on further is what I would have entreated.
You see this has been over ages by wise men propagated,
That in an examination, the more you write with more marks you are remunerated.
Since this is your examination of me, this lengthy ploy I have flaunted,
In hope that through this more marks out of you be necessitated.
That’s why most facts in this poem are quite laboriously repeated,
And your patience has been most unscrupulously exploited.
Having come this far though it won’t be prudent for me to have this mission aborted,
So I intend to continue till I have from you cent per cent marks extracted.
But in my endeavour, from you, all that I’d like to have impetrated,
Is to have my fun loving nature fairly interpreted.
‘cause to please myself is not why I have to humour retreated,
it was just to please you that like a distressed donkey I repeatedly bleated.

My dukh bhari kahani in these lines have been narrated,
Then from the eyes of the compassionate reader, tears of sorrow would have emanated.
After which she’d have all the doubts from her heart rusticated,
Which have thus far, her suspicious mind congested.
The doubts have, of course, by the foolishness of the author been inflicted,
But then regarding this hasn’t the author already lamented?
So it wouldn’t be fair if based on the past, against the author the reader vindicated,
‘cause at that time the author was a bit demented.
But when Payal had herself from ABI’s presence absented,
His loose wits by itself, under severe pressure consociated.

‘Childhood is the best part of one’s life’, this saying cannot e contradicted,
But why is that as a person grows, he wants the child in him from his character omitted?
For once if the child from a man’s heart separated,
The innocence lost cannot again be cultivated.
This might not be convincing, but the child in my heart has not been annihilated,
And most of my bugging ideas are by the same child instigated,
Of course if I so desired, I could’ve his further growth stunted,
But is innocence a galvanometer that it should be shunted?
In this poem, about the innocence of my intentions I’ve repeatedly gloated,
‘cause in all my correspondence to you, the child in me had all my feelings dominated.
The child apologizes now for having on themes like French kisses and marriages pivoted,
In future he’ll try to make his crude vocabulary more sophisticated.
So Payal, please give him the opportunity to be rehabilitated,
And provide me with the chance to have my love perpetuated.

Now to have this poem recapitulated,
ABI only wanted to be in your heart ingratiated.
Of course, in his endeavour, failure was all that he could’ve tasted,
But then without failure, how can success be manipulated.
That he love her was all that he wanted to have elucidated,
But the magnanimity of such feelings cannot, over a piece of paper be distributed.
Perhaps a few laughs was all that he could’ve liberated,
But his love for her was a lot more than she ever meditated.
His weird sense of humor might have had her exasperated,
But she never tried to have his true feelings evaluated.
Although ABI loved her a lot more than he demonstrated,
Payal was under the impression that he prevaricated.
If he had to have his feelings exaggerated,
His true identity he never would’ve indicated.
In the form of humour (tasteless) he had his feelings marinated,
But the fact that he loved her a lot more than anyone else was never appreciated,
She probably thought that he wasn’t serious about what he postulated,
If that’s the case then ABI was horribly misinterpreted.
Because the love that Payal had once ignited,
After more than a year has still not been mitigated.
Think of this- if ABI’s love had been in any way fabricated,
Then by now wouldn’t he have hibernated?
If Payal wants to know why he is so interested,
It’s because never before has he been so fascinated.
With these facts in mind, she could easily have deliberated,
That ABI’s love for her had always been underestimated.
But what she did left his expectant heart visibly corrugated,
‘cause never before had he felt as alienated.
Perhaps because of his flirtish disposition, he wasn’t very highly rated,
But then reputations have their limitations; they are always distorted.
Payal, for more than a year now, your thoughts in my mind has predominated,
Your name in my mind has continually reverberated.
I’d give anything to have you into my life amalgamated,
‘cause your thoughts have my mind and soul unwittingly captivated.
Please don’t imagine these lines to be flowery words cleverly congregated,
‘cause these are fragments of my heart assiduously associated.
I wanted to have this into your mind penetrated,
That I really meant what I had for so long implicated.
Moreover, I needed to have this clearly enunciated,
That you cannot have my love so easily substituted.
If you need a reason why you should have me nominated,
It’s because you’ll never across anyone even vaguely as committed.
To proclaim my love, sanity to the background I might’ve relegated,
But people in love are hell bent on having all norms violated.
I probably shouldn’t have had my feelings so openly promulgated,
But then your love itself had left a few bolts in my top floor dislocated.
By now though I hope to have into your heart percolated,
That for you all my blood vessels unanimously voted.
If I only entertained the desire to have you as my queen coroneted,
Would it be fair for you to say that I wrongly perpetrated?

I have your photograph Payal…in my heart laminated.
You can never have me from your lips emancipated.
Because the love which you have stimulated,
Will not easily be dissociated.
I am at your feet now, have me to your heart promoted,
And the see how much that leaves me elated.
If you’ve seen the mask, then remember how Jim Carey had his joy emoted?
Well his performance will be overshadowed when I let mine be ventilated.
I have for winning your confidence so long waited,
I wouldn’t mind to wait some more to get what I had anticipated.
While I’m at it, I’ll probably learn how to have my feelings articulated,
The most important action from which I have always retracted.

Go through these lines again; have them investigated,
You’ll understand, I hope, that it’s not merely my creativity that has proliferated.
Surely my devilish mind couldn’t have another mischief concocted,
Because my mind listens to my heart which you’ve abducted.
If you wanted to have this epic into three words sublimated,
‘I love You’ would be all that I wished to have quoted.
Now only a smile from you can have my injured heart relocated,
Even if it comes half a decade from now, after we’re through being educated.
For our government, five years might be sufficient time for it to be uprooted,
But in this respect my love for you and the government are strongly contrasted.
So Payal, if instead of your friends, your heart you had consulted,
It’ll be very easy for you to have my sincerity deducted.
Though I’m ready to face to whatever I’m fated,
My love for you Payal will never be abated.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Better Never Than Kate

She came to our locality,
Kate was her name.
With limited mental faculty,
But for me ‘twas all the same.

The boys hung around her place,
As always having high hopes.
Thinking that with the Almighty’s grace,
She would certainly accept the dopes.

Her family was known to my dad,
That I hardly knew.
But hearing it I felt so glad,
That away to her place I flew.

My jaws dropped as I faced Kate,
My sweetest loveliest would-be bride.
Looking heavenwards and thanking my fate,
For I intended to be forever by her side.

‘Who are you?’ She asked me,
as I stood there drinking her in.
I said- ‘I’m your destiny, if you ask me’,
So why don’t you let me in.

Since then started my happy days,
Or so I then believed.
But the more I knew of Kates ways,
The more I was mentally bereaved

The boys saw me with hostile eyes,
The reason I well knew why.
A friendly smile could’ve been used as a disguise,
But ‘twas too painful for them to try.

Towards Kate I was very affectionate,
Burning her with many a passionate word.
But even though she did reciprocate,
I doubt if she understood what she heard.

Honesty is the best policy,
So I resort to truthfulness.
For Kate had just one fallacy,
She was the epitome of foolishness.

To the lush green fields and the deep blue sky,
Her entire thoughts were dedicated.
And changing topics is fruitless if you try,
For Kate’s knowledge was rather limited.

All my intelligent jokes were lost on her,
My sense of humour thoroughly wasted.
And with wit if you tried to impress her,
Then failure would be all that you ever tasted.

For some time I kept plugging on,
Hoping Kate had an intelligent side.
But on me finally it did dawn,
That Kate had no intelligence to hide.

Cutting off from her,
Would’ve been a disastrous thing to do.
For so I found out when I spoke to her,
As she intently watched the neighbourhood cows moo.

Hinting it to her I did try,
Telling her that she was too good for me.
Tenderly breaking it to her so that she would not cry,
But my point of view she could not see.

She tells me-
‘Of course I know that,
do you think I’m stupid.
In selecting you I might’ve been as blind as a bat,
But blame it all on cupid!’

Exasperated I told her all,
Pointing out that she was as dumb as a doorknob.
Heartbroken, she went to the local coffee stall,
Breaking into an irregular, passionate sob.

Seeing Kate burst into tears,
Was a dreadful sight indeed.
More so for my teenaged peers,
Whose hearts were the first to bleed.

Finding out the cause, I was approached,
By Kates admirers with daggers and forks,
Where I was rather ostentatiously reproached,
When I diplomatically passed it as a joke.

But Kate came forward and grabbed my hand,
Asking me not to repeat my folly,
And as I looked at the determined band,
I realized that I had better keep her jolly.

From then on I became her devoted slave,
For all sorts of pain I had to take.
And all her stupidity I had to brave,
In fear that her beautiful heart would again break.

You see,
Kate had a romantic side to her all right,
Impractical though it may seem to many.
For she came to my window one night,
Reason for which she did not have any.

She wanted me to take her out for a midnight walk,
Which by her standards was practical enough.
But I wasn’t prepared for the forthcoming shock,
When again the next night I heard her cough.

Looking at the moon at half past two,
Kate tells me-‘This is life!!’
I wondered then what I would do,
If I had Kate for a wife.

But god was at his merciful best,
When one day I found Kate crying.
I asked her, half in fear and half in jest,
If she again found me annoying.

‘No my dear!’ she replied,
‘But you’ll always remember this day.
It’s so cruel for us’, she cried,
‘for today, I’ll be going away!!’

Tears burst into my eyes when this I heard,
The true reason for which she misunderstood.
For now I felt like a free little bird,
Flying wherever I could.

Kate tried to pacify me,
As my tears kept on rolling.
Telling me that in her heart I’ll always be,
As the emotions kept on flowing.

With a light heart I helped her to pack,
Play-acting to the best of my ability.
Sure that my happy days were again back,
Which filled my heart with tranquility.

She went away in her car,
For me ‘twas a new days dawn.
And nobody could my spirits mar,
For now……Kate was gone!

There’s a new girl to whom all the boys flock,
She makes them to her tunes dance.
She might not be such a dunderblock,
But heavens…why take the chance!